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Ryan's chart wheel

Ryan Gosling

November, 12th 1980 Local Time 2:34 PM Universal Time 7:34 PM

London, ON 42°59'N, 81°15'W

Ryan Gosling

November, 12th 1980 Local Time 2:34 PM Universal Time 7:34 PM

London, ON 42°59'N, 81°15'W

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Soul Profile - Introducing Yourself To You

Above is your name, and birth details. Please check this information is correct.

Your Soul Profile symbolises and sheds light upon - your purpose, your needs, your talents, your doubts, your sensitive spots, your destiny and more.

Whilst Reading Your Soul Profile

The overall accuracy of your Soul Profile is dependent on your birth time. Please bear in mind that although this horoscope is as accurate and informative as possible, there is no guarantee that every word will apply at this moment in time, or in the past or future. This horoscope maps out your potential; it is up to you what you make of this potential. You should always rely upon your own judgement and individual choice, will and inclination - which are precisely what your Soul Profile helps shed light upon.

Below your chartwheel the 'astrological positions' of your horoscope are set out by zodiac sign and degree which are interpreted in the following twelve chapters describing what they mean in your life. The number of ways in which the three factors of Planetary Aspects, Zodiac Signs and Houses can be combined is infinite.
The 'Aspects' are given a Star Rating from one to five to show their relative importance in the Profile. To the right of each pair of 'aspect' symbols is a group of five stars, the more dark stars there are the more powerful and significant the meaning of that aspect will be.

You were born with...

Pisces Rising which is interpreted in Chapter One

Sun in Scorpio in the Eighth House which is interpreted in Chapter Two

Moon in Capricorn in the Eleventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Three

Sagittarius at the Midheaven which is interpreted in Chapter Four

Mercury in Scorpio in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Five

Venus in Libra in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Six

Mars in Sagittarius in the Ninth House which is interpreted in Chapter Seven

Jupiter in Libra in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Eight

Saturn in Libra in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Nine

Uranus in Scorpio in the Eighth House which is interpreted in Chapter Ten

Neptune in Sagittarius in the Ninth House which is interpreted in Chapter Eleven

Pluto in Libra in the Seventh House which is interpreted in Chapter Twelve

Ryan's Chart Elements

There are four Elements in astrology: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Each Zodiac Sign belongs to one of these, and you have each of these Elements either Over-Emphasised, Under-Emphasised or Balanced - as follows:

Your Fire Element Balanced

Fire element balanced

You have a healthy drive without being too driven. You can amuse yourself and are easily enthused.

Your Earth Element Under-Emphasized

Earth element weak

You tend to be impractical, have a poor sense of time and physical/material needs. You are not particularly sensual. You are not naturally grounded.

To compensate, look to Mercury, Venus and Saturn, and if you know the time of your birth any placements in 2nd, 6th or 10th Houses, and make more of them. Identify what few, if any, planetary placements you do have in Earth, and make the most of them.

Your Water Element Over-Emphasized

Water element strong

You are inclined to be over-emotional and too sensitive, with little sense of boundaries. You may also be prone to water retention.

To compensate, realize that you are more than just your feelings. Come to terms with childhood experiences that can make you overreact in the present. Also, look to any planetary placements in Earth and Air Signs, and make the most of them.

Your Air Element Balanced

Air element balanced

You are clear without being 'light', impartial without sitting on the fence.

Ryan's Chart Modes

There are three Modes in astrology: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. Each Zodiac Sign belongs to one of these, and you have these Modes either Over-Emphasised, Under-Emphasised or Balanced - as follows:

Your Cardinal Mode Balanced

Cardinal modality balanced

You have a healthy sense of initiative.

Your Fixed Mode Balanced

Fixed modality balanced

You are firm yet open to changing if need be.

Your Mutable Mode Balanced

Mutable element balanced

You are moderately adaptable and alive to change.

Chapter One - Your Ascendant:

Appearance and Persona

Expressing Through Accepting

Pisces rising

You experience your body as one big feeler or antenna, so you are very open to pleasure and pain, and therefore you identify with whatever stimulus seems the most appropriate to your ever-shifting outlook. If you feel like languishing ecstatically, then you become an exotic hedonist; if guilt prevails, then you are drawn to pain and punishment, or purity and asceticism. When feeling positive and noble, the artist or the healer appears as your persona. The list is endless - and likewise, you can appear to be many things to others.

Sooner or later your life has to be organized in a fashion that stops your various identities constantly changing into one another, for this breeds some confusion in others, and oceans of it in yourself. In order to acquire this integrated identity, you should embark upon a definite task or service in order that your super-sensitivity can be positively employed, otherwise you are in danger of dissolving into the boundless.

Such sensitivity could be divided into three types: Intuitive-Healing; Imaginative-Inspiring: Mystical-Enlightening. In the first case, it is your soft and soothing presence, which is also deep and powerful, like the sea that can give rise to a healing ability. In the second, the myriad impressions you receive from your inner and outer environments can be translated into sound or vision or words. In the third case, your psychic awareness allows you to tune into presences, atmospheres and ethereal realms in such a way as to broaden and enrich your own and others' senses of what constitutes reality.

In order to balance out and focus these subtleties, you tend to attract partners who are helpful and discriminating, and point out the precise and practical details of life.

Neptune is your Ruling Planet, which governs the link between your exterior being and your interior being. So study Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune Profile, with this in mind.

Chapter Two - Your Sun profile:

Your Will and Purpose

Living Through Desiring - The Phoenix - The Urge to Merge

Sun in Scorpio

Your essential purpose in life is to deepen and make more genuine whatever it is that you regard as important. To enable you to accomplish this you have an ability to see into the heart and soul of a person or situation, and to heal or transform what you find there.

The response that you get to this insight of yours varies. You can elicit from others extremes of mistrust or devotion and consequently be either mistrustful or utterly devoted yourself. Your probing intensity can certainly reach the parts that other Signs cannot reach. But if you don't wish to emotionally exhaust those people that matter to you, give the probing a break occasionally, for the world will get by for a while without it. This ability of yours to penetrate into another's emotional reality is sexually based. This means to say that Scorpio's renowned sexuality is more to do with your mind and feelings than your body.

This is what sets you apart from other Signs, for you are able to 'enter' someone else's space without even touching them. This psychological insight and the powerful influence that it can wield is compromised by one thing only: you suspect that others are doing the same to you with dubious intentions. This in turn gives rise to a downward spiral of discord that appears to prove your suspicions correct. Behind all this is your fear of having a weak link in your chain mail - your vulnerability - spotted and taken advantage of. Spot it yourself first, and you are invulnerable.


Intimacy with Life

Sun in the 8th House

All of this is most likely to focus upon intimate involvements and deeply shared experiences - or else you can feel desperately lonely and cut off. Although this commonly means the ties of jointly owned resources with their advantages and problems, there is also the closeness experienced through sex and crisis. This is an intimacy with life itself - which also includes death. And so you can be mediumistic, in touch with the 'other side', or at least have an interest in the occult and the hidden causes behind outer phenomena.

You are the researcher or delver and can have a profound sense of the soul. And so you are looking for a profound union - which poses the surrender of your separateness. This is a purging of the 'little self', your petty values, and consequently yours can be a hard but transformative road through life. This means that you go through many changes, relationships and ways of expressing yourself until you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel - the light of your own life.

Your Sun Aspects

Leading Light

Sun Conjuncts Uranus

However, in respect of much of all this you take up a decidedly radical position and aim to introduce to the world a strong sense of the original and innovative. This could well involve science and technology or metaphysics. You are heavily challenged in all the above-described areas with regard to this revolutionary stance that you adopt, especially by the more conservative elements of society, or even of your own personality. You can be quirky and cranky (and at times downright rebellious), but you are certainly your own person. At an evolved level you become quite a leading light.


'Close One'

Sun Trines Ascendant

Outwardly you express your intentions in a manner that inclines others to co-operate or agree with them. One could say that you are simply a good advertisement for yourself and what you regard as significant, interesting or important.

The Sabian Symbol For Your Sun

Finally, to give a symbolic focus to the Sun in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. The Sabian Symbols were devised by astrologer Marc Edmund Jones and a clairvoyant called Elsie Wheeler. They may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Sun represents the essence or core of your life and its purpose, and to note how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Sun Profile, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Sun is...


The question of to what or to whom one owes true allegiance, and facing the consequences of the decisions made in respect of this. Keyword: CONSCIENCE. When positive, an uncompromising response to your innermost values. When negative, moral weakness and faintheartedness in the face of tests of true character.

Chapter Three - Your Moon profile:

Your Needs and Emotional Responses

Security Through Building - The Need to be Needed - The End Justifies the Means

Moon in Capricorn

Your reigning need is to feel needed. This can prove quite precarious for you as others, especially your parents, can come to see you for what you can do rather than for what you are. Or, one of your parents was not there for you physically or emotionally.

From the word go, your need for external approval put you in a situation where your own emotional nature was not taken into consideration. As a child, were not acknowledged as one, and neither perhaps is the child in you now. Because your emotional interior was not nurtured, and was possibly even abused, you grew up with only a poor idea of how to cherish and value it.

Such emotional denial could cause you to be quite a survivor in the harsh outside world as a kind of substitute for a feeling of inner support. This could turn into a rather grim and lonely alternative, although your cool efficiency would possibly conceal this fact. Or again, you may look for the nurturing parent that you never had in a partner.

Conversely you could be a parent to your partner, and others too, as you deftly manage material affairs but this would eventually only serve to isolate you further. What you have to set about doing with your innately industrious nature is to look for, and find, that sad child inside of you, and possibly with professional therapeutic help, look after it yourself. In becoming the parent of your own inner child in this way, you then develop into an extraordinarily balanced and capable human being.


Crowd Pleaser

Moon in the 11th House

All these needs and feelings are most likely to be met through friends, clubs, social movements, or the nurturing of some ideal. All these matters will go through phases, causing your goals and allegiances to fluctuate. Overall, you manage to keep your emotional life fairly light and breezy.

You prefer not to get morbid and heavy in one-to-one relationships and, if things get that way, you will go out with friends or to somewhere impersonal. This can be a good safety valve, but a bad habit if you make your friends or associations into an emotional crutch. It is wise to take a break from them every so often in order to re-establish your own identity, not to mention facing any more intimate emotional commitments.

All the same, you are capable of appealing to the crowd on an emotional level, which means that you have a finger on the pulse of the public's attitude to political, sociological or cultural issues.

Your Moon Aspects


'Close One'

Moon Squares Venus

There is a certain softness that you have about you - whether you are male or female. Others find it easy to bathe in your pleasingly familiar aura. This talent of yours for soothing and making people feel good has many uses and can take many forms. What you do have to guard against though is being too soft and easygoing, because you can get taken advantage of, which seriously compromises your powers of assertion.


Moon Squares Pluto

Beneath all the surface expressions of how you feel there lurks a deep distrust of human nature. This emotional seam was probably laid down long ago, in childhood, the cradle, or even before then. Other people with similarly deep-seated fears can spot this and find YOU untrustworthy.

To stop this kind of rot you need to purge such negative emotions - otherwise the power of these negative emotions will attract relationships and situations that force you to purge them anyway.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon

Now, to give a symbolic focus to the Moon in your Chart, here is the "Sabian Symbol" for the degree of the Zodiac at which it was placed at the time of your birth. As I mentioned in the last Chapter - your Sun Profile, the Sabian Symbols may be read as interpreted, taken quite literally, or be given your own more personal or subjective interpretation much as you would for one of your dreams.

Remember to bear in mind that the Moon represents your unconscious disposition and responses, and your emotional needs and security, and to see how its Sabian Symbol corresponds to your Moon Profile in particular, and your Chart interpretation as a whole. The Sabian Symbol for your Moon is...


A communing with Nature that is somewhat marred by an anxiety that such an act will nor be understood or respected by those who are not sympathetically attuned to it. This anxiety potently comments upon the perennially narrow or lascivious attitude towards the naturalness of the human body - especially when female. Keyword: SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. When positive, despite feelings of vulnerability, you still persist in being true to your natural inclinations. When negative, a coyness that can be a liability in itself, for it smacks of a lack of sureness of one's own purity of intent.

Chapter Four - Your Midheaven profile:

Career and Status

Achieve Through Enthusiasm

Midheaven in Sagittarius

For your professional life to be satisfying and successful it needs to be ever expanding, growing beyond itself, so this poses some work or subject that is never finished - teaching, religion, philosophy, archaeology, anthropology, history, law, publishing; anything that is seeking to include and understand more and more. In a physical sense, this would also include any kind of sport or occupations involving travel.

You are happiest trying to reach as many people as possible; Sagittarius likes to bring and bind people together with a sense of enthusiasm. You also like plenty of room to operate so a restricting sort of work life is very inadvisable. Furthermore, religious influences in your life greatly affect your choice of profession or the moral way that you conduct it.

The Sign, House and Aspects of your Jupiter (see Chapter 8) will reveal more about the style and conditions of your professional position and development.

Chapter Five - Your Mercury profile:

Perception and Mentality

Thinking Through Desiring - X-Ray Eyes - The Sleuth

Mercury in Scorpio

Yours is the mind of the interrogator or spy. So any occupation that needs or uses this kind of delving mentality is bound for some measure of success. This particularly inclines towards psychological, research or police work. You don't miss many tricks. Your failing, however, is that you can suspect malice of intent where there is none and this can lead to mental convolutions which are almost impossible to work out or work through. It's likely that you create intrigue in order to keep your mind on its stealthy toes and this is probably okay - just as long as your own mental swordplay doesn't foil you in the process. Essentially, you have a good, sharp mind, because there's always something (or someone) that needs looking into so your mental muscle is constantly exercised.


Tuning In

Mercury in the 7th House

You like to have a partner who thinks and perceives things in this way too and who is generally stimulating intellectually. You also prefer to conduct your relationships in a very reasonable way. This is fine up to the point where the emotional side of things can't get a look in. You will then find yourself with an extremely emotional mate on your hands, as they demand that you respond with more than just your head. Alternatively, if you're an emotional type yourself, or lack mental confidence for some reason, then you will get someone else to do your thinking for you. This is fine as long as you're both happy with the arrangement, but there will probably come a time when you will have to sort out your own mental or learning problems. Potentially, your mind is very capable of tuning into the facts and figures about others, so public relations or some kind of demographic or agency work would be well starred.

Your Mercury Aspects

Mercury unaspected by any other planet

You have difficulty focusing your mind on your true interests and/or communication can be impeded in some way. If not actually lacking in intellectual ability, you may have a speech problem such as talking too loudly or too quietly, mumbling or stuttering. Perhaps you are not sure enough of your knowledge and mental capabilities - or you're in need of emotional conviction, or have an emotional block to learning. Essentially, your head is not connecting with your heart - and the accomplishment of this should be regarded as a priority because your heart contains much that is worth communicating. Studying the Sign and House position of your Mercury will help you to put your mind in order and use it better.

At the other extreme of this interpretation, you could be said to have a very free mind in that you are not restrained by the logical procedures that can so easily slow others down (and the world at large - witness bureaucracy!). You are therefore able to perceive the whole meaning of a given situation, rather than be deceived and preoccupied with just one or two facets of it. However, the issue still arises of whether or not you are able to communicate your overall perception of things.

As a reaction to the intellectual self-doubt that this Aspect can create, you could be anti-intellectual and attempt to justify your fear of learning by scorning it. For the same reason, such freedom of thinking and perception could be a big problem where employment is concerned. If you lack an occupational speciality - which, for good or ill, is a job market convention nowadays - you could get stuck at the bottom of the labour ladder. Yours is a mind that needs something concrete to challenge it and prove its worth.

Chapter Six - Your Venus profile:

Attraction and Harmony

Loving Through Relating - The Aesthete - The Social Touchstone

Venus in Libra

You are a social or artistic touchstone and therefore have a natural sense of beauty and harmony, which you express in a social or artistic way. The inherent weakness of your aesthetic awareness is that you are very easily attracted to good-looking surface appearances - especially in a sexual, glamorous or romantic context. This is a bittersweet situation for you because your undeniable charm or artistry has no trouble attracting popularity, pleasure and even wealth, but you can become a slave to your vanity and appetites. Nonetheless, you are still a social or creative asset - and you certainly know what pleases.



Venus in the 7th House

You are inclined to experience these values and senses (or the need for them) as belonging to someone else - like your partner or people in general, but really they are a part of you, which you should own. If you do not, you will be inclined to suffer the negative aspects only. By the same token, you tend to look for your own worth and beauty in someone else, with the result that they at first try to live up to your expectations and then fail miserably.

The fact of the matter is that you are highly pleasing to other people because you somehow embody their idea of social appeal, no matter what you may physically look like. So, rather than constantly seeking to have your own charm, poise, wit or whatever confirmed by the attentions of others, begin to appreciate that your pull is as natural as a magnet's. To prove this, just stop and look at what you attract.

Your Venus Aspects


'Close One'

Venus Squares Moon

These love needs and the ability to appreciate yourself and someone close to you clearly, are confused by the strong need for security which was (or was not) satisfied by your mother. In other words, you expect a lover to give what your mother did or did not, or, you assume that that is what they want you to give them - but they don't. Your weakness is that you can accommodate others, or be accommodated by them too easily, so love and need get confused all too soon.


Venus Conjuncts Pluto

At a very deep level your whole idea of what love is and is not, has to go through a major process of transformation. Your love nature, as described above, has taken on the task of bringing into the light the most fearsome, ugly and taboo-ridden aspects of human nature - in yourself and others. This is challenging indeed and it is therefore not surprising that your love life is cratered with crises of no mean magnitude. Can you still love in the face of death; be it the death of a cherished ideal, a social norm, or of love or a loved one?

Chapter Seven - Your Mars profile:

Self-Assertion and Sexual Drive

Getting Through Seeking - Defender of the Faith - Is Might Right?

Mars in Sagittarius

You assert yourself best when you have something to promote and believe in. This is why you have such energy and desire to travel and get around - in order to discover what it is that you are supposed to be championing, and then to actually do the championing. So initially, the essential thing is that you have the freedom to make off in any direction when and with whom you want to.

The trouble is that such wild energy as this - especially with regard to your sexual exploits - could become a law unto itself and you might forget that it was a means to an end, not an end in itself. So, at some point, you're likely to get 'hobbled' - that is, restrained by certain circumstances - until you've realigned yourself and your prodigious energies with some cause that's worthy of them, rather than simply horsing around. As a way of managing your great energy, or even as a pursuit in its own right, sporting activities should come naturally to you.


Moral Convictions

Mars in the 9th House

Your manner of self-assertion most readily finds expression in the field of your beliefs and in areas of furtherance - such as travel, law or higher education. You see - or need to see - your moral convictions as especially valid ones because they are what determine the strength of your assertiveness. Taken to extreme, you can have a righteous and crusader-like attitude and this means that you are bound to meet someone or something that challenges it.

If you are aware of the fact that your quixotic temperament can lead to you looking a bit foolish at times, then this trait of your character can be generally regarded as enlivening others' philosophy of life. In a sexual context, this can be regarded as endearingly chivalrous if you are male - or as being deserving of chivalry, if you are female. If you are not aware of this, it could have quite the opposite effect.

Your Mars Aspects


'Close One'

Mars Conjuncts Neptune

All of these qualities concerning your manner of self-assertion and sexual expression are going through a process of refinement and alignment with your spirituality. This means that whenever you are pushing for the wrong thing, or for the wrong reason, your energies become either depleted or ineffective. Ultimately, your body is only willing if your spirit is. When or wherever it is so, you are very charismatic and can heal others or draw them towards higher and better things.

Creative or selfless pursuits can stimulate you when all else fails to do so. But this mixture of sexuality and mysteriousness, which pervades your personality, can lead you and others up many a confusing - yet tempting - garden path before you understand what is and what is not desirable. You have a sensitive body, so subtle exercises like yoga, Tai Chi and water sports, are more beneficial to your well being than harsher exercises. For similar reasons, you can react badly to drugs or alcohol. If you're a male, you're not the macho type.


'Close One'

Mars Sextiles Pluto

You become increasingly aware that your Mars energies come to you from deep sources and that the deeper you go, the more these energies are forthcoming. You can benefit yourself, and possibly others too, from the practice of physical cultures like martial arts or Hatha yoga or spiritual/sexual disciplines.


Mars Squares Ascendant

Your space feels threatened in some way, so you are either actively aggressive or passively aggressive in order to protect it. Whatever the case, this does nothing for your popularity as it creates or draws down strife upon you, either at work or at home and especially with men in general and in particular. Find out what and with whom your real beef is, and work it out.


'Close One'

Mars Conjuncts Midheaven

As long as you maintain your integrity and have a sound moral sense, you should have no trouble in reaching your targets or promoting your cause. If however, your intentions are less than spotless, you could dive as fast as you rise.

Chapter Eight - Your Jupiter profile:

Faith and Understanding

Growing Through Relating - The Social Animal - The Peacemaker

Jupiter in Libra

Your philosophy of life has mainly to do with your sense of justice, as you experience it in a personal way within your one-to-one relationships. It can also come from how you perceive it, or the lack of it, in society in general. In other words, your faith in life rests upon a belief that justice exists. If it does not - or it appears not to - your faith diminishes.

Conversely, when you're aware that justice prevails, you feel happy to go on. What you have to bear in mind is that justice is not always apparent on a surface level. By its very nature, justice often has to be sought - be it in your mind or a court of law.


Open and Generous

Jupiter in the 7th House

You are attracted to relationships that have these kind of expansive and philosophical qualities about them. You and your partner probably travel around together quite a lot - or are happy to travel apart at times. Generally speaking, your relationships have an open and generous nature. However, it is only too likely that you will come to expect rather too much of your mate - and he or she will be forced to break loose from those expectations in a way that challenges your faith in relationships altogether.

The truth is that you hope to find greatness in another, but you won't until you've found it in yourself. Furthermore, you are, or you ought to be, optimistic about relationships. Even when one breaks up you are aware that someone else is just over the horizon - or that you are now free to make off over that horizon! For you, relationships breed plenty of growth, experience and adventure.

Your Jupiter Aspects

Rigid Faith

'Close One'

Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn

The establishing of faith in life will not be without some quite severe tests. This could take the form, possibly from very early on in life, of some type of rigid faith that either forces you to stick with it through thick and thin, or, has put you off believing in anything other than what you can touch and see.

The result is that you are having to find a balance between faith and reality and to discover a vision of a better situation plus the practical means of getting there. Once you've done this, you will be a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Chapter Nine - Your Saturn profile:

Lessons and Responsibilities

Tested in Relating - Duty to Love - Love of Duty

Saturn in Libra

You are learning the most important lesson in life - balance. This means that you find yourself in situations where you have to decrease what there's too much of and increase what there's too little of. One-to-one relationships are particularly demanding as you have the task of establishing who is responsible for what, of being utterly fair in granting yourself and the other person equal rights, allowances for human error, etc.

Because balance is more of a critical factor for you than it is for most others, it would seem that there is often a steep imbalance between your position and the other person's. Grist for the mill, you could say. Upon passing this test, finding that crucial balance, you can land yourself with a relationship that is far more stable than most and become, in general, a fair judge of social affairs.


Serious Relationship

Saturn in the 7th House

These lessons and responsibilities that you're supposed to be working on in yourself could be mistakenly projected onto a partner. You expect them to be putting right that which is really your department. When you do get down to it yourself - which essentially means that you're simply learning to relate to others in a responsible way - then you show great principle and discipline with regard to any serious relationship.

In fact, serious relationships are your staple diet because even casual affairs have a habit of calling you to book. Similarly, having a partner who is cold and remote is a sign that you're only going through the conventional motions of serious commitment rather than owning up to your part in it all. To sum up, failing to commit yourself leads to feeling lonely or being alone so love for you is very much where you find it and how you make it.

Your Saturn Aspects

Lighten Up

'Close One'

Saturn Conjuncts Jupiter

Be aware that the brighter side of life is something that you do have to cultivate. It's not that you're without joy; it's more likely someone or something that had little joy in them socially conditioned you. Be that as it may, you still have to lighten up somewhat which will mean taking a chance on your intuition and letting the devil - whatever you fear - take the hindmost.

Chapter Ten - Your Uranus profile:

Awakening and Freedom

Awakening Through Desiring

Uranus in Scorpio

You belong to a generation (born during the mid 1970's to early 1980's) whose intention was to reform attitudes towards sexuality and intimacy, as well as other kinds of hidden power. During this period these elements of life started to reach a critical state, be it the advent of dangerously defiant sexual freedom or a nuclear power station blowing up. Mt St Helens, the volcano in Washington State, also blew its top in 1980. Because of all this your generation basically has to wake up to what power actually is.


Deep End

Uranus in the 8th House

Your urge for change and awakening and the freedom that comes with them, makes itself felt in areas of your life relating to intimacy and sexuality, joint or others' resources, and hidden causes. These areas are usually very fraught with intense passions and emotions that are painfully hard to control. You are trying to gain some detached, scientific objectivity in all this and more often than not you have to find just that through being flung into the deep end.

So crises like divorce, tax or property problems, sexual difficulties and death itself, present you with the challenge to be detached but not totally unattached, which would pose an emotional problem in itself. In the process you can become quite the trouble-shooter with respect to such problems, discover important secrets and ultimately get into the clear as suddenly as you got thrown into the pit.

Your Uranus Aspects


Uranus Conjuncts Sun

At no cost do you want to be deprived of your ego's right to dance in its own light. In other words, ideals and social principles are all very well for you, but in the end you see yourself as your own rule maker and rule breaker. You are becoming increasingly conscious of the fact that the only true determinant of what life is about is you - or rather your self-awareness. You are very much ahead of your time in some ways, but be careful not to allow such living in the future to distort what's actually going on for you right now.

Natural Flair

Uranus Trines Ascendant

Your intuitive perception of life and your sense of the shape of things to come are remarkable. So too is your natural flair for presenting yourself in a way that matches this clairvoyant view you have of the future and of how one day we shall all see and relate to each other.

Such uniqueness and singularity of self-expression that you have can alarm or confuse other people, or other parts of your own personality for that matter, which are rigidly conventional or fearful of change. Nevertheless, you are an awakener of others to the truth.

Chapter Eleven - Your Neptune profile:

Sensitivity and Spirituality

Unifying Through Seeking

Neptune in Sagittarius

You belong to the Neptunian generation born between 1970 and the mid 1980's. As this generation came of age, confusion was experienced with regard to what was right or wrong. The underlying reason for this was a want of distinction between the Law of Man and the Law of God. In other words, this generation, and the time they were growing up in, had to contact a more spiritual and less material, yet at the same time practical, means of directing human morals and appetites. A real sense of the divine or the quantum began to emerge now.


Sublime Truth

Neptune in the 9th House

For you, such sensitivity and spirituality manifests itself in a search for some belief or higher meaning to life. Any need that you have to find an 'answer' or a 'way' is strongly influenced by emotional fears and fancies. You are therefore liable to convince yourself that anything or anyone who offers an all-inclusive philosophy (or way out) of life is worth giving up a lot for.

This can involve anything from going off on a journey to some exotic foreign part to find what you are seeking, or just dropping out of college for a life of drugs or alcohol. Anything that takes away from the dull everyday plod of life is what exercises a strong pull.

This can lead you down many a false trail; but this is all part of your search - as you probably know. For you the road really does lead forever on - and with some discipline and creative imagination you can then turn this into a positive feeling and convey this sublime truth to others in some way.

Your Neptune Aspects

Fine Feelings

'Close One'

Neptune Conjuncts Mars

What's more, you feel that you must act upon these finer feelings and subtle yearnings so you can be impatient to reach some artificial high, make a sexual conquest, save some siren-like figure, or to be saved or conquered by some hero.

Such sexual myth making is both enthralling and confusing, but at times it can find you impotent or frigid, chaste or kinky. However, it is through these miasmas that you find your own fascinating blend of desire and imagination.

On the Path

'Close One'

Neptune Sextiles Pluto

You're helped in taking steps towards enlightenment by the fact that doing so has become a more generally accepted pursuit since the horrors of World War II. However, you will need more than this point alone to set you off on this path.


'Close One'

Neptune Squares Ascendant

Your emotional fears and wounds and the dreams that compensate for them, get in the way of your having a realistic relationship - or having one at all. You will need to track down what it is that caused them in the first place.


Neptune Conjuncts Midheaven

Your sensitivity and imagination play a great part in your professional life. Showing the world how you see it in a spiritual or creative sense is extremely important - so you're likely to win some acclaim for your efforts. However, if for some reason you have suppressed or kept your finer feelings too much to yourself, they could be dragged quite embarrassingly into the light.

Chapter Twelve - Your Pluto profile:

Power and Transformation

Empowering Through Relating

Pluto in Libra

You are a member of the Plutonian generation (1971 - 1984) that grew up into a world where revolutionary changes began to take place with regard to marriage and social values. Being a child of a single parent family would be a typical example of your generation's social conditions. In any event, you grew up in an atmosphere of great uncertainty as to what social justice and the social norm were. Essentially, as a generation, you are re-writing the social rulebook, which unavoidably means being without, or refusing to observe, the old rule book.


Into the Storm

Pluto in the 7th House

The issue of power and transformation presents itself to you in your dealings with others - especially in a one-to-one relationship like marriage, so you're forced to confront the true nature of your deepest fears and desires and to establish a balance of power between you and your mate, or whoever.

This is not easy because it necessitates some in-depth analysis of what (or who) in your life has been allowed to dominate you. Otherwise your partner could appear to take on the role of being the dominant one, when really it's something in yourself that unconsciously wants to be dominated. As if to fit this scenario, your mate may well be powerful, or dis-empowered too in some way.

Both of you could possibly even enjoy this dominator/dominated kind of relationship but, sooner or later, your relationship will have to be psychologically debugged if you are to avoid its going through an excruciatingly slow death. It's better to go into the storm, purge your doubts and fears, for upon this will follow either the refreshment of a renewed relationship, or the release of having no relationship at all.

Your Pluto Aspects

Once and For All

Pluto Squares Moon

Your personal power and influence are checked and complicated by the negative traits of your Moon Profile and by a suspicion that something, or someone, is out to control you. This is because from the word go you absorbed the negative emotions of others, especially those of your mother. Your own intense and vehement emotional nature resented this and built up an obsessive resistance to changing your emotional disposition or domestic situation - even though you don't really like it. Sooner or later you will be called upon to confront and free these rich dark feelings once and for all.


Pluto Conjuncts Venus

These pressures to transform and reach a deeper sense of involvement with life are hampered by your possibly unconscious desire to keep the peace and lead a pleasant lifestyle. Ironically though, it's just these predilections that draw you to someone who changes your life for you. The issue is really one of your being challenged to use your grace and charm to facilitate that transformation. There is something darkly (but beautifully) compelling about you or anything that you have created. So, rather than being afraid of what you might lose, concentrate on what you have to give.


'Close One'

Pluto Sextiles Mars

You're able to assert these powers personally rather than let them fester or lurk inside of you and you have a strong sexuality, which means that you can influence others in deep ways that are not necessarily physical.

Pull Together

'Close One'

Pluto Sextiles Neptune

You know that we're all in the same boat and that it's a case of sink or swim. So, you look around, smile at your fellow human beings and pull together!

Hard Work

Pluto Sextiles Midheaven

Because you work very hard to make good the mistakes from the past or the weaknesses inherited from your family background, you progressively improve not only your own domestic situation, but your career prospects also.

Ryan's Planetary Positions

November, 12th 1980 Local Time 2:34 PM Universal Time 7:34 PM

London, ON 42°59'N, 81°15'W


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Planetary Weight Point System

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Uranus, Neptune & Pluto

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Planet Aspects & Orbs Grid


Harmonious Aspects


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Planet Aspect List

Sun Semisquare Saturn
Sun Conjuncts Uranus
Sun Semisextile Neptune
Sun Trines Ascendant
Sun Squares North Node
Sun Opposes Chiron
Moon Squares Venus
Moon Squares Pluto
Moon Sextiles Ascendant
Moon Quincunx North Node
Moon Trines Chiron
Mercury Semisextile Jupiter
Mercury Sesquiquadrate Ascendant
Venus Squares Moon
Venus Conjuncts Pluto
Venus Sextiles North Node
Venus Quincunx Chiron
Mars Conjuncts Neptune
Mars Sextiles Pluto
Mars Squares Ascendant
Mars Conjuncts MidHeaven
Jupiter Semisextile Mercury
Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn
Saturn Semisquare Sun
Saturn Conjuncts Jupiter
Uranus Conjuncts Sun
Uranus Trines Ascendant
Uranus Semisextile MidHeaven
Neptune Semisextile Sun
Neptune Conjuncts Mars
Neptune Sextiles Pluto
Neptune Squares Ascendant
Neptune Conjuncts MidHeaven
Neptune Trines North Node
Pluto Squares Moon
Pluto Conjuncts Venus
Pluto Sextiles Mars
Pluto Sextiles Neptune
Pluto Sextiles MidHeaven
Ascendant Trines Sun
Ascendant Sextiles Moon
Ascendant Sesquiquadrate Mercury
Ascendant Squares Mars
Ascendant Trines Uranus
Ascendant Squares Neptune
Ascendant Squares MidHeaven
MidHeaven Conjuncts Mars
MidHeaven Semisextile Uranus
MidHeaven Conjuncts Neptune
MidHeaven Sextiles Pluto
MidHeaven Squares Ascendant
North Node Squares Sun
North Node Quincunx Moon
North Node Sextiles Venus
North Node Squares Chiron
Chiron Opposes Sun
Chiron Trines Moon
Chiron Quincunx Venus
Chiron Squares North Node